Letter from Nadia Giordana, WomanVision TV Host

Hi Debbie,
I had a chance to relax tonight and enjoy Angels-in-Training. So professional! You did a great job on this production. It makes a person stop and take a hard look at one’s own relationships. Bravo! I also really enjoyed the time I spent watching. It was uplifting.

Thanks again,

Nadia Giordana–producer/host, WomanVision TV/Where Women Talk
Public Relations and Social Media Director, SPNN’s IAWW TV

Miracle Baby for Christmas!

Christina Zaczkowski
Christina Zaczkowski from Truth In Motion Studios
From Christina Zazckowski, actress,( timstudios.com)playing pregnant woman, Kelly, in Soul Survivors: Dating Angels (our second movie coming out soon! (http://www.soulsurvivorsmovies.com):

I’m never going to have children!”, I remember telling my mom coming home from school, still in shock from watching a real birth on video in 2nd grade. The video showing the sterile green hospital room, the pain filled screams and face of the woman in labor, and the fact that I was a sensitive 7 year old had put my life on the track of fearing and absorbing everything negative concerning pregnancy and birth. Many terrible stories people would share about their experiences, or pregnancy portrayed dramatically in the media, piled up within me. Nothing seemed to help. No comforting words, no positive stories, no common sense approach. Even my strong faith and my relationship with God couldn’t set me free from my fear, not even in theory- even though I had experienced God’s power in other areas of my life.

Fast forward – I got married to my best friend, my husband. He was incredibly patient and never put any pressure on me. We kept talking about having a child, but it always seemed like something far down the road. We prayed and left our decision as to when to seriously approach this to the Holy Spirit. Four years went by without any clear leading. I had two dreams in which I had a little boy, but those were not accompanied by a sense to move to action. On top of my fears I had a diagnosis from my OBGYN that due to hormonal problems it would be very hard for me to get pregnant.

This year in January I had another baby dream. In the dream I held my little baby in my arms and I was talking to it, speaking with overflowing love: “I am going to take care of you, every day! What ever you need! Every day!”. When I woke up I was very moved and asked God what the dream meant. He spoke to my heart and said that this love I had for my baby is the love He has for me, and that I am ready to have this child because He will provide everything I need just as surely as I would for my baby.

I was changed forever. My heart was healed from the fear of pregnancy and birth. Maybe we can never be the same if we experience the love of our Creator first hand. Two months later I was pregnant and ultra sound pictures show a little boy expected to arrive early January. I had an amazing pregnancy so far, basically no sickness, and I feel great everyday, exercising regularly and taking naps if I want to. My husband and I have bonded on an even deeper level, amazed every once in a while at the friendship and love we have had, and now get to see flourish in giving life. This is a story of how God interacts with His creation, if we are willing to be honest and listen. His love is the cure for our pain.

Bonus Miracle – Sunshine for an Angel

One of our actors gets cold more easily, and we needed to shoot one more scene outside. But the weather was cloudy and windy; temp. only in the 40’s. So I had asked God to please make it sunny and no wind for just an hour or so during that shoot, just that day, “if it be Thy Will” as I know there is always a reason for everything.

As we got ready to shoot her scene, the sun came out and the wind had stopped, for both shots! Thank you, God for the miracles daily, on set and off!

Dream Children Miracle

About actress Whitney Schultz’s Mom:

At the tender age of 29 years old, Kari was diagnosed with cancer and her future was uncertain! So of course, she panicked, but not about what you might think! Her imminent demise was not uppermost in her mind, but her dream of one day having children. She was told that even if survived the cancer, she might not be able to bear a child.

While hearing all this, Kari’s fiancee was in the room, and Kari remembers feeling a sense of calm and peace wash over her, as if her angel was present, giving her hope.

After her radiation and chemotherapy, believe it or not, Kari got married and even more miraculous is that she had two beautiful children, one of which, Whitney, you will see in our next film, Soul Survivors: Dating Angels!

Aunt Grace’s Miracle – a Soul Survivor!

My Aunt Grace, 89 years old and with a pace-maker, was on her way home from the eye doctor with a designated driver who got dizzy and couldn’t finish the drive home! Her eyes had been dilated, but she had to take over just a short distance. However, even though she saw and stopped at a four-way stop, another car came crashing into the side of her car.

There was dust everywhere and she and her companion were dazed. Aunt Grace found herself being pulled out of the car by two kind women (were they angels?). The police showed up and told her it was a miracle she was alive. The car was completely totalled!

Spontaneous Car Repair Miracle

On the Exact Same Day, my production assistant for our new film, Soul Survivors: Dating Angels, and I both had minor glitches in our cars, but they were both safety features that could have caused accidents. His windshield wipers stopped working intermittently, and my turn signals completely stopped working. It was raining for a few days while we tried to solve our car problems.

Then, on the Exact Same Day, both of our cars spontaneously repaired themselves! His windshield wwipers just started working again, and my car repair people were tearing their hair out trying to figure out why there were no fuses blown, except one in a completely different area, but the signals began to work again and no problem since!

Light Ray Miracle

Several months ago, talking with my brother, executive producer of Soul Survivors films so far, we were discussing why it was taking off a bit slowly. At the same time, we were looking out the window at a magnificent sunset, the kind only God can create. Light rays were actually going UP toward the heavens, rather than down to earth as they normally do. I was amazed as we kept watching, chatting, and watching more. The rays went up for a very long time, then finally, started coming down.

I knew this was a sign from God that our first film was certainly being cared for in heaven, but it would take awhile for it to manifest on earth in a bigger way. Then, I got the very strong message from God that I need to make another film, and so we are, right now!

And, another miracle, just today. I saw another, very hopeful sign from God that the film will reach all who it needs to reach, and soon. On my way to the gym, the early morning sun was coming down through the clouds in all directions, with just a few small rays going up. Exactly the reverse of a few months ago. And now, Soul Survivors: Angels-in-Training is streaming on itunes!

Encouragement Miracle


Feeling a bit discouraged about how long it may take for Soul Survivors: Angels-in-Training to get off the ground (no pun intended:) So, just before my walk at the MN Landscape Arboretum, (where we had actually filmed one heaven scene), I asked God to show me a sign that there is hope that this movie will get to many people, the right people who need to see it. As I was walking I met three women looking at some lovely lady-slippers. They were so strong and beautiful, and according to these women, so many more than they had ever seen there at any time of year, and it was early for them!


This was my sign from God, and I told these women that and about my movie. They wanted to see it! That gave me hope right there and I knew that these gorgeous, strong flowers represented just some of the many women who would see “Angels-in-Training”. I had hope again.


Miracle of God’s Help to Help My Dad


From Actress Susan Chambers (played Young Tanya’s Mom in Soul Survivors: Angels-in-Training)


I was helping my dad with a roofing job at his house because he had no money to have someone else fix it. I asked, “Please, God, help me! I don’t know how I’ll ever get this done!” I was at the home-improvement store getting supplies when a man came up to me and asked if he could help me. He said “I own a roofing company.” and I said, “I have no money.” He said, “No problem, we will come and help you for free!” Since I didn’t know this man, I was kind of scared, but accepted his gracious offer. It would be a miracle if he truly could help us!


The next day a truckload of Latino men showed up at our house. I felt like they were angels! Their help was so appreciated and much needed.