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Based on Most Women’s Favorite topic:


Timotha Lanae, Top Recording Artist in the United Kingdom, playing Tory in Soul Survivors, Interviewed Here:

Watch Timotha interviewed on Chanel 12, Minneapolis here.
Listen to Timotha on NPR here.
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Discover What People Have to Say About the Soul Survivors Premiere!

“Anytime you bring a spiritual uplift to people, it’s healing. This movie is very needed.”
-Gay Jacobson, Metro Cable 6 TV, Minneapolis


“The movie outlined the winning game plan for a better life and a happy marriage… was a home run”. -Mike Woodley, Fox TV




Preview of TV Movie:




Read movie description here, and press release here.




Listen to more radio interviews with Debbie Johnson here.


Potentially Available for Media Interviews, Contact Debbie:

Debbie Johnson, Creator, Producer, Writer, Director

Timotha Lanae, playing the role of Tory, also top U.K Recording Artist

Emily Moore, playing the role of Lexie

Maria Gonzales – playing role of head angel, Catherine

Chars Bonin – playing role of angel Jack

Krisha Saxon – playing role of angel Tanya

Rob Ivy – playing role of Bryan, also is professional wrestler

Richard Woods – playing role of Adam


See photos of movie premiere at the Hilton in MN.


We promise No Sex, Violence or Profanity. Why? See article: Women, TV, and Tension

(see below)

Market test of Soul Survivors: Angels-in-Training to women netted this result: 85% loved it!


Soul Survivors: Angels in Training

Features Timotha Lanae, U.K.’s number one recording artist!

Inspired by true stories . . . written by best-selling author, Debbie Johnson

And, even sweeter, it involves two topics women love, angels and relationships. Couples are helped in secret by angels-in-training, Jack and Tanya.  Lexie is so mad at Bryan (Rob Ivy) for his seeming affection for other women that she nearly ruins their relationship. Tory (recording star, Timotha Lanae) has to learn to let go and follow her dreams to find out what love is really about and have any hope of a happy future with men.  And we get to see how Jack and Tanya become angels because they need to learn so much about relationships themselves. Filmed on location in a real town, Victoria, Minneapolis.


Created, Written, and Produced by Debbie Johnson, best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin. Debbie interviewed women for most of her nine books, some of a more spiritual genre.




Debbie’s Bio


Radio and television interviews are a comfortable venue for Johnson, best-selling author of Think Yourself Thin and other books. She surprised the publishing world by single-handedly selling 20,000 copies of Think Yourself Thin in its original booklet form and 10’s of 1,000’s more in trade paperback. Then Disney’s publisher, Hyperion picked it up and sold many more. Johnson loves a challenge and when told something is impossible, smiles, gets going, and makes it happen! Now she’s a movie writer, producer and director, believing that miracles happen daily, so they do!

Internet TV is more and more popular as a convenient way to watch what we want, when we want it. This show will be available, once fully funded and produced, for just $1 per episode to insure commercial-free television.


Suggested Interview Topics:


Miracles on the Way to/ through Production


What Spiritual Women want in TV and Why


How I Succeeded by Following my Inner Spiritual Guidance


Some common denominators we see in nearly all religions and you’ll see in Soul Survivors.



Why the Cast of Soul Survivors Loves this Show.




Women, TV, and Tension


We women need to feel safe and secure. But watching current movies or TV often leaves us feeling subconsciously stressed, and certainly not very uplifted.


Women appreciate the finer points of spirituality and love, and we’re very intuitive. That often translates into sensitivity. Why is it so different for women than for men? The answer is really quite simple:


Men are hunters; women are nesters. Men need to focus on big game. Women need to be sensitive to their children and nurture them. How else do they know when a baby needs something specific? They listen with their hearts. That’s from primitive times up until today. Women are also gatherers, so they must be sensitive to the small creatures that would bite them if unaware of the animal’s presence. They need to have keener hearing and sight. That’s why we can do fine work like needlepoint. Yes, there are men who sew. My father was a tailor and in fact, taught me the finer points of sewing. But for the most part, men look at the bigger picture and don’t have the same ability for detail women need just to survive and to help their children survive.


Because of this heightened awareness of sound, sight, emotion and detail, most women are turned off by violence, sex and profanity in movies and television. TV holds very little attraction for most of us. We prefer romantic comedies rated PG or even G just to get away from the extremes that seem to be Hollywood’s preference. Why is that?


My theory is that since everyone wants and Emmy or Academy Award, they are gearing their film or TV series to the people who would give them awards, and they are mainly men. Also, the film and television industries are dominated by men. Most producers and directors are men.


Now that web TV is surfacing as a driving force in the industry, we screenwriters and producers can simply (if we have the investors to back us!) produce something valuable for you, the woman who is looking for entertainment she can enjoy and even be uplifted by spiritually. The internet is a blessing for that very reason. And I love the fact that it can provide a service for women everywhere.


You are worth it. Every woman out there who wants to be comforted and uplifted in the midst of her busy, stress-filled life is worth the years and effort and faith and hope put into researching and writing just for you!



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