About Soul Survivors

We women need to feel safe and secure. But watching current movies or TV often leaves us feeling stressed, and certainly not very uplifted.

Soul Survivors TV was created by a woman for women to connect us back to our True Source and to cherish our tender hearts. We appreciate the finer points of spirituality and love. Soul Survivors came to me as “The Power of Love” but evolved to this title as my mentor (famous screenwriter, Fred Freeman) told me; “Show, don’t tell.”

Even though I know God was speaking to me about writing a movie or TV series, I fought it. After all, I knew nothing about writing screenplays! I questioned my inner guidance. Was it real? Yes, I was a writer, and had a best-selling book, but it wasn’t fiction. What was I to do? It just didn’t seem possible.

I complained inwardly to God about writing it after I was told by Fred that I’d have to do it all myself. I was hoping to find a screenwriter to do it for me! Then, on top of all that, after writing 8 or 9 screenplays, I got the message inwardly that I may just need to produce it, too!

Well, that was just too much. I mean, where would I find the money and the people to help? Where would I find the experts? I had to trust God in this and know that the faith I put in God would come back to me tenfold or more, and boy has it ever! The miracles abound each day, even when the “other team” goes to bat. Someone kicked in about $12,000 so we could get the trailer produced. Yes, folks, even two minutes of filming requires lots of money, if you want to do a quality job.

Every woman out there who wants to be comforted and uplifted in the midst of her busy, stress-filled life is worth the years and effort and faith and hope I’ve put into this project.

I hope you enjoy getting to know the cast, crew, and angels (you may be one of them!) in Soul Survivors. They are all a part of your spiritual family too!

Debbie Johnson, Creator, Writer, Producer